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Oxbow RRT Hosts a Barbecue to Raise Funds for the STARS Organization Sept 23, 2017

On Saturday, September 23, Rapid Relief Team (RRT) volunteers hosted a barbecue in Oxbow to raise funds and show support for STARS an amazing organization. STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service) is a non-profit helicopter air ambulance organization, and is notably recognized throughout the rural communities of Western Canada. With STARS, people living in rural areas can receive the very best in critical care in helicopters that are outfitted as mobile ICUs.

Oxbow RRT hosted a fundraising BBQ for STARS 

Since 1985, STARS Air Ambulance have carried more than 36,000 missions, and in 2016 – 2017 alone, STARS flew 3,022 missions, carrying critically ill or injured patients to further medical attention. Using an emergency response app, called SOLUS (named after the Latin word “alone” or unaccompanied”), the STARS crew are able to receive and respond to 24/7 emergency requests from anywhere in Canada where a cell signal can be received. This is commonly used for anybody who works, travels or plays alone in rural or dangerous environments, where medical assistance may be far away and difficult to connect with.

One of the STARS Rescue Helicopters
RRT Barbecuing Hamburgers From The RRT Food Trailer.

Every year the government of Saskatchewan grants $10 million dollars to The STARS Organization, but the remainder of the Funds needed to continue their rescue missions, must come from fundraising efforts and donors. Throughout the course of two hours, The RRT Fundraising Barbecue attracted over 200 people, who enjoyed the RRT barbecued hotdogs and hamburgers.

Volunteers Serving The Meals To Supporters.

The RRT volunteers kept well busy with the food preparations, barbecuing, serving, as well as collecting the donations during the event for the STARS Organization.

STARS Representative Talking To Supporters And RRT Volutneers.

There was a representative from STARS present to oversee the event, and many of the volunteers and supporters had the privilege of hearing rescue mission stories that STARS has performed in the past. If you’re interested in reading some of the latest stories about STARS’ crew and rescue missions, visit

Signature RRT Burger Meal With A Stamped RRT Logo On The Bun.

The supporters left satisfied knowing the money they gave, would be very much appreciated by the organization as well as its many patients to come. Perhaps RRT can host another event next year!

RRT Food Trailer Used For The Fundraising BBQ.

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