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Hamilton RRT Assisted at the Muck MS Event

Rapid Relief Team volunteers helped at a MUCK MS event in Hamilton, Ontario on September 24th. This event is run by the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada and is a fundraiser to raise money for MS research and finding a cure for the disease and held at the Player’s Paradise in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

The Rapid Relief Team Taking care of the participants belongings

Funds from these MUCK events are crucial for the continuation of research, programs and services for the approximately 100,000 Canadians that suffer with this disease.  MUCK MS is not your average fundraiser as participants run, climb, jump, and crawl through 5K of muddy land on the Niagara Escarpment.  The event ran from 7:15 am – 3 pm so it was a very full and exciting day for the any participants and volunteers.

This was at the beginning made to climb over these humps with water between each
At this station you have to climb get down using rope.

The RRT Team had many responsibilities throughout the day including looking after the Bag Check for the participants, assisting with setting up and serving the breakfast, and monitoring the last section of the course.  At the Bag Check area RRT members greeted participants and provided them with bag tags so their belongings could be easily located afterwards.  Team members were responsible to make sure the items were returned to the correct participants after the event.  RRT members assisting with breakfast were given the task of helping to set up and serve the meal, ensure the food area was kept clean and organized and to make sure the food supply was constantly maintained and also emptied garbage cans when needed and assisted in dismantling the food area once the meal was completed.   

Crossing the money bars is common and often difficult
Get up and over this obstacle

At the finish line RRT members enthusiastically congratulated and cheered on participants and assisted in distributing the medals and ribbons. RRT Volunteers were also very helpful in directing participants to wherever they needed to go next, such as the photo station, wash station or marketplace.  There were also members monitoring the last 200 meters of the course to ensure observers stayed off the course so everyone would remain safe.

One of the challenges along the race was Crouching
Running with weights (apart of the race)

The day was a huge success and was very much enjoyed by all the participants, volunteers, and observers.  Of course, the goal for the day, to raise funds for MS research, was certainly accomplished.  The event organizers expressed their gratitude for the time and hard work contributed by the RRT members and are looking forward to working with the RRT in the future.

Participants celebrating their completion of the Race!!

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