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RRT Serves Breakfast At Stonewall Fire Department October 5, 2019

On Saturday, October 5, the Stonewall Rapid Relief Team showed their appreciation for the local fire hall by providing a hot breakfast of pancakes, sausage patties, and hot drinks. The meal was available to all townsfolk and the members of the fire department. This is the second year the Rapid Relief Team has served this appreciation meal that is hosted by the local fire departments. This was also a valuable opportunity to teach fire safety awareness to the local community.   There was a trusty firefighters boot placed on the table in hopes of catching a few donations for the fire department!

RRT Serving Breakfast
Firefighters Getting Breakfast

Despite the rain and cold, it was a fun morning for everyone – townsfolk, the fire department, and the RRT members! Sparky the Fire Dog was also present at the event and helped spread the important message of fire safety to the children.

Children Enjoying Being A Firefighter For The Day!
Families Enjoying A Morning Together

The fire department was very grateful for the help and support of the local community in raising some much-needed funds, as well as the meal provided by RRT. It was an enjoyable event to host, and the Rapid Relief Team looks forward to completing similar events in the future to show support to local communities and return the support they provide.

The Firefighters Prayer



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