Compassionate Care for Canada's Homeless

Canada Homeless

According to The Homelessness Partnering Secretariat (HPS), between 150,000 and 300,000 individuals experience homelessness in Canada each year. Approximately 150,000 of these homeless people access emergency shelters at some point, where another 50,000 are part of the “hidden homeless” – staying with friends or relatives on a temporary basis or have nowhere else to go.

The Rapid Relief Team supports Homeless Events all across Canada. These events provide a direct connection between Canadian homeless and the services they need – including doctors, women’s health services, hairdressers and legal counsel, to name a few. Our volunteers provide catered lunches and dinners for the homeless, along with all volunteers in attendance. Below are a couple of examples of the many homeless initiatives that RRT has supported.

Toronto RRT Supports Youth Without Shelter

Youth Without Shelter in Etobicoke is one of only seven shelters serving the 900 – 2,000 homeless youth in Toronto. The Rapid Relief Team from Toronto used one of the RRT purpose-built cooking trailers, to provide a BBQ Experience for the youth at this Shelter.

Calgary RRT Served a Dinner at the Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed has been operating in Calgary for over 30 years. The Christian operation offers education and employment programs, health and wellness services, and other basic needs including housing and spiritual care for almost 400 homeless and less fortunate citizens of Calgary. Calgary Rapid Relief Team had the privilege of serving a meal to the homeless and vulnerable guests of The Mustard Seed before they transitioned from the day shelter to the shelter where they would sleep for the night.

Galt RRT Supports The Cambridge Urban Hope Centre

Galt RRT welcomed homeless guests at the Urban Hope Centre in Cambridge with hot drinks, muffins, and a warm smile!  They were then served a delicious hamburger meal with all the toppings, fresh veggies, and chips and dip.  For dessert they were served fresh fruit and cookies.  Over 100 meals were given out that day to very thankful recipients!