Supporting Canada's Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Canada is renowned for wildfires, flooding and other natural disasters – and some years seem kinder on us than others. Where would we be without the dedicated efforts of Canada’s emergency services?

The Rapid Relief Team offers a unique catering support service to Canada’s federal and provincial emergency services. Over time, we have mobilized and streamlined our operations to respond with immediacy and efficiency to natural disasters across Canada.

Our volunteers are trained and accredited to set up catering tents at base camps – designated as safe zones by emergency services crews. Our operations are governed by WHS requirements by providence.

Fort McMurray Wildfire 2016

On May 1st 2016 Wood Buffalo County and Fort McMurray Alberta experienced one of the most devastating and tragic fires in the history of the province of Alberta. It became apparent that victims/evacuees would need a significant supply of essential goods including refreshments, clothing and everyday essentials items.

Volunteers from the Rapid Relief Team in both Edmonton and Calgary quickly stepped up to the task. The volunteers began their first few hours by gathering pallet loads of supplies and van loads of enthusiastic volunteers to start the 218km journey to Lac La Biche to provide relief to evacuees stationed at the Bold Centre.


Montreal Flooding 2017

In April 2017, The Rapid Relief Team from Montreal, Quebec, urgently worked to control the flooding in their community, by running a 120-person volunteer sandbagging operation in the small town of Ile Bizard, Quebec. This operation produced an astonishing 5,000 sandbags on Friday, April 21, and an additional 15,000 bags on the following Saturday and Sunday. As the water levels started to become steadied, rising winds resulted in the collapsing of some barrier walls, and flooding of houses that were once safe. For a couple weeks RRT worked along other government officials to help make their community safe again.

Woodlands Provides BBQ For Volunteer Fire Dept. 2017

On Saturday, September 9th, RRT volunteers from Woodlands showed their appreciation for the local fire hall to raise funds by barbecuing and serving an evening meal of hamburgers and hot dogs. The meal was available to all townsfolk and the fire department, and was totally free but donations were accepted.

It was a fun evening for everyone – townsfolk, the fire department, and the RRT members! The local fire department held a few demonstrations to raise awareness on how to react in different fire situations. They simulated a few real fires and trained those around on how to put the fires out, as well as giving tours of their fire safety trailer.