Many hands make light work

Our volunteers work together with some of Canada’s leading charities.

Canada’s Youth Charities

Serving with quiet compassion and kind hearts.

Canada’s Homeless Missions

Assisting state and local government homeless missions.

Canada’s Emergency Services

Organised and mobilised to respond to natural disasters.

Health and Disability Charities

Catering support for small and large charity sponsored events.

What We Do

We’re ready to serve

Every day in some small way, RRT volunteers offer a helping hand to those in need. Over time, we’ve channelled our support efforts into four key areas: youth, emergency services, homelessness, health and disability.

The Rapid Relief Team provides warm meals to a variety of Canadian charities as a modest gesture of support. From planned menus at larger charity events, to setting up catering camps on the fringe of Canada’s natural disasters – our volunteers are accredited and trained to provide a quality food service when needed.

Canada’s Youth Charities

RRT volunteers BBQs at the Ronald MacDonald Houses all across Canada, serving sick children and their families. We support many development programs run by Community Missions and Youth Clubs. And we serve with quiet compassion and kind hearts at Toronto Youth Without Shelter.

Canada’s Emergency Services

RRT are organised and mobilized to respond to natural disasters. You’ll find us in times of tragedy and crisis through fire and flood, replenishing Canada’s emergency services crews on the ground and around the clock until the crisis is averted.

Canada’s Homeless Missions

RRT supports the charitable work of a number of religious denominations, along with state and local government funded services for the homeless. Sometimes our catering services feature on regular rotation at homeless missions, and sometimes we’re called upon to donate food or clothing – either way we’re happy to help.

Canada’s Health & Disability Charities

RRT offers catering support at larger sponsored events such as MS Society of Canada Bike Tour, or the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. Our volunteers can be found handing out water to thirsty cyclists while serving burgers with sizzle – to give a little something back event to participants, volunteers and organizers.

Our Equipment

More often than not RRT have to operate within small windows of time to serve those in need and there is no time for queues!

RRT’s suite of custom made equipment consists of Cooking Trailers, fully fitted out for efficient onsite catering. Detailed attention has been applied to our prototypes to ensure the designs will allow our volunteers to execute their tasks efficiently and effectively, providing rapid relief to our beneficiaries.

Our Cooking Trailers have been built to sustain rugged terrain and come with two griddles, canopies on both sides and a full kitchen with a food warmer, fridge/freezer, three compartment sink and compartments to carry all the necessary utensils and consumables to cater at an event. They also house our tents, tables, bins, water tanks and other minor equipment.